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Hydraulic cylinder for mould in HC,HC supply mould hydraulic cylinder,mould hydraulic cylinders and self-locking hydraulic cylinder.they are also called hydraulic cylinder for die cast mould.In this bolg,I will introuduce mould hydraulic cylinder series for you.
Hydraulic cylinder for mould in HC have four series,like square hydraulic cylinder,light, heavy,self-locking hydraulic cylinder for mould. HC hydraulic cylinder for mould occupy large share of the market .
Traditional mould and the pipe fittings used to adopting oblique guide columns when research and development production.The advantge of the oblique guide columns is that it can save the cost of mould.But it also bring the disadvantage:Too much waste and greatly decrease the working life of the mould.

Hydraulic cylinder for mould replace the oblique guide columns to pull the slide block out.To solve the long slide block stroke which brought complexe structure,increased the mould volume,lengthen working time.Using hydraulic cylinder for mould can avoid the disadvantage of oblique guide columns wear easily,make it use more stable and more security, long service life.The mould hydraulic cylinder effect is used to pull the workpiece out.this kind of mould should have thimble or core-pulling.Hydraulic cylinde for mould's working principle is a hydraulic jack.By the power of hydraulic cylinder for mould,thimble eject the injected workpiece out.
 Many benefits will be bought if you choose the hydraulic cylinder for mould to replace theoblique guide columns.As follows:
1 Hydraulic cylinder for mould can guarantee the stability for mould,the quality is three times than other genneral mould.
2 Hydraulic cylinder for mould can reduce the Friction coefficient,lenthen the mould’s working time.
3 For the special high requirement, we can set graphite in the mould slide, it can Play a bigger lubrication
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